2021 Important Updates for Higher Secondary Examination , Canceled Examination

The 11th class annual examination has been canceled after the state announced partial closure. The Parliament of Higher Secondary Education has taken an important decision regarding the Higher Secondary Examination. Students of class XI will be passed in class XII along with any examination so that no school year is wasted. Students who have passed from class XI to XII should complete the syllabus of class XI within the first 3 months. Has been directed to

On the other hand, with the important decision regarding higher secondary examinations, Parliament 7 has been informed that in 2021, higher secondary candidates will be able to take the exam in their school. Students do not have to go to another exam center. You have to go to higher secondary from your own school. The test schedule has also changed, although it was announced earlier that the test will be taken from 10 to 1:15, it has been changed. The new schedule says,
This time the high school exam will be from 12 noon to 3:15 pm