Android users now have to remove these 8 apps: Said McAfee

According to a report by cybersecurity firm McAfee, eight new fake apps have been found in the Google Play Store. Users have installed these fake apps from Play Store more than 600,000 times. The McPhee company claims that Android smartphone users in Southwest Asia and the Arabian Peninsula have made dozens of downloads. The company has requested that apps be uninstalled immediately if users are on the user’s phone.

According to the Google Play Store, they have started the process of removing these malware-filled apps from their platform.

We often see advertisements on various social media platforms or online sites – photo editing, mobile and keyboard wallpapers, games, or camera-related apps, which attract a lot of attention. But all these unauthorized third-party apps can become a trap! It turns out that hackers are first sending a Strain free version of these fake apps to the Google Play Store for review and once those apps are identified, they cleverly send malicious code via an update to Android smartphones Have been. Who steals users’ phone numbers, SMS, IP address, country name, network, and subscription details every second.

“If an app wants permission to access your SMS or mobile notifications, make a thoughtful decision,” McAfee wrote in a blog post warning users. Because this information is never needed to run an app like mobile and keyboard wallpaper. So if you see any suspicious activity in your downloaded app, remove it immediately.