Be careful! If you click on the download link of Pink Whatsapp, you will lose access to your phone.

  Be careful!  If you click on the download link of Pink Whatsapp, your phone will be hacked.

Recently, WhatsApp users in India have come up with a piece of shocking information that they are getting a fancy link on WhatsApp through which a newly updated version of the app. Not only this, the new version will have an interesting feature, which will change the green theme of WhatsApp to ‘new pink’. Because this update is completely fake. Internet security researcher Rajasekhar Rajhariya has warned users about this on Twitter.

Rajhariya wrote in a tweet, “Everyone should beware of the pink version of WhatsApp! Whatsapp groups spreading a virus through an app download link. This malicious link can provide full access to the user’s smartphone. “As a result, whenever you click on that link, you will immediately lose access to your phone.
Allegations of fraud and deception are being made on the Internet. The minds of people dependent on the Internet are now always fearful. Various types of malware, viruses, ransomware etc. have made the lives of users unbearable.So we have to be vigilant and intelligent. WhatsApp or similar applications never announce such informal updates or features. Also, all types of updates can download through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

It is not possible to get such a facility or updated version by downloading the APK file separately on the Internet. Unscrupulous fraudsters deliberately make these things to get people’s attention. It is a malicious app that can steal various important personal information, including a user’s banking password, as a result of downloading it on a smartphone.

According to a report by TechRadar, the pink WhatsApp or gold WhatsApp being heard is malware that hides behind the fake WhatsApp feature.

However, WhatsApp has not said anything about the issue yet. However, the company has previously stated that if any unusual, inappropriate or suspicious message is received on any service, including email, please consider this issue before responding. In particular, WhatsApp users will be advised to report a contact or block contact option on an already available WhatsApp.