Domino’s Pizza Users Beware! Credit card information of 1 million orders is being sold on the dark web

  Domino's Pizza Users Beware!  Credit card information for 1 million orders is being sold on the dark web

Nowadays social engineering attacks have became more terrible. Online shopping apps to social media has survived the clutches of hackers. In this case, hackers targeted the popular pizza restaurant chain Domino’s Pizza. So if you are a Domino customer, be careful now!

According to the report, a cybersecurity researcher on Sunday claimed that the website of ‘Domino’s Pizza India’ is no longer secure. This is because the credit card information of about 1 million customers, who have ordered food online from Domino’s, is being sold on the Dark Web for Rs 4 crore. According to Alan Gall, co-founder and CTO of cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock, a hacker has claimed that he can hack the 13 TB equivalent database from the Indian branches of Domino’s Pizza. Also, plans are underway to open a portal to find the information contained in the database, Alon said.

Rajasekhar Rajacharya, an independent cybersecurity researcher, told IANS that he alerted CERT-IN (India’s national cyber defence agency) on March 5 about a possible hacking. “The hacker is in disguise, able to access customers’ bank data, which includes details of about 200 million orders,” he said. However, hackers have not yet provided any evidence in this regard. ”

However, Alan claims that the hacker has a username, phone number, email address, payment details available. He owns about 1,000,000 credit card accounts. However, Domino’s has not yet commented on the matter.

However, due to the recent privacy breach of the social media platform, Facebook, more than 6 million Indian users’ data has been leaked or hacked from the websites of Indian companies such as BigBasket, Bitcoin, Epoxox.