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“Hindi Full Movie Download” is a term to find any movies easily for download or watch online. The term is the most searched term on google and other search engines. You can download any Hindi movie by entering the movie name after the “full movie download” term.

So, Today we talk about how to download a full movie. In this article, We have provided a complete guide to download any new Hindi movie. Using our method you will able to watch any movie in HD 720p,480p, and 360p.

Hindi Full Movie Download-

Hindi is the most used language in India. Almost all Indians love to watch Hindi movies.

60s Hindi Movies:-

The golden age of Bollywood is from 1940 to 1970. Because a lot of good movies were produced at this time for which the whole world knows the name of Hindi cinema today. It was during this time that some evergreen movies like Pyaasa (1957) and Kaagaz Ke Phool (1959) were released that people still love to watch. Nargis, Raj Kapoor, and Dilip Kumar were some of the famous actors and actresses of this golden period.

Top 5 Best 60s Movies –

  •  Pyaasa (1957)
  • Kaagaz Ke Phool (1959)
  • Awaara (1951)
  • Shree 420 (1955)
  • Mother India (1957)

Top 5 Actors Of 60s Bollywood Movies –

  • Dharmendra For
  • Sanjeev Kumar
  • Shammi Kapoor
  • Manoj Kumar
  • Sunil Dutt

Top 5 Bollywood Actress Of 60s Movies –

  • Madhubala
  • Padmini
  • Meena Kumari
  • Sadhana
  • Bina Rai

80s Old Hindi Movies:-

After the golden year, the Hindi film industry began to change. From 1960 to 1970, music and romance began to enter Hindi movies. Many romantic Hindi movies and songs are released during this time. 1970 to 1980 is called the classic time of Bollywood.

Top 5 80s Old Hindi Movies –

  • Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (1983)
  • Salaam Bombay! (1988)
  • The Touch (1980)
  • Mr. India (1987)
  • Masoom (1983)

Top 5 Actors Of 80s Bollywood Movies –

  • Anil Kapoor
  • Naseeruddin Shah
  • Om Puri
  • Sanjeev Kumar
  • Anupam Kher

Top 5 Bollywood Actress Of 80s Movies –

  • Moushumi Chatterjee
  • Chanda Sharma
  • Sudha Chopra
  • Sridevi
  • Urmila Matondkar

Latest Hindi Movies –

From 1970, Bollywood movies started gaining popularity from outside India. The current present period from 1970 is called New Bollywood.

Top 5 New Bollywood Movies

Top 5 Bollywood Actor-

  • Sharukh Khan
  • Salman Khan
  • Sanjay Dutt
  • Akshay Kumar
  • Govinda

Top 5 Bollywood Actress-

  • Katrina Kaif
  • Kareena Kapoor
  • Karishma Kapoor
  • Alia Bhatt
  • Kriti Sanon

Easy Methods To Download Any Hindi Full Movie

Below we have provided two easy methods to download any Hindi movies for free. You can get a 720p and 480p picture quality version of each movie.

Legal Ways-

There are a lot of OTT apps are available on the internet. You can download any OTT apps like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video. With help of these apps, you can watch and download any latest Bollywood movies.

How To Download the Latest Hindi Movie From OTT Apps –
  1. Open Google play store
  2. Search for Disney+ Hoststar
  3. Install and login if you have an account.
  4. Search movie name you want to watch
  5. Click on play

Torrent Hindi Movie Download –

Any new Hindi movies can be downloaded from torrent websites but these websites are illegal and banned in India. So we advise you not to use any torrent websites for movie downloading.

Top 5 Torrent Movie Download Websites-







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