Nokia X20 will not have charger in retail box! The reason for this is given by the organization

  Nokia X20 will not have charger in retail box!  The reason for this was given by the organization

Most of the brands in the smartphone market always try to implement new features of the Apple iPhone. For example, while launching the latest iPhone series last year, Apple decided that they will not provide the necessary accessories with the new iPhone including the charger. Buyers must purchase these items separately. Though the move was initially criticized by the US company, popular brands such as Samsung and Xiaomi later made similar decisions after the launch of their flagship device.

In this case, one of the most important names in the world of phones, Nokia is also joining with the trend of not providing charger adapters. In fact, recent reports say that the charger will not match the retail box of the new Nokia X20 smartphone.

Nokia mobile maker HMD Global says it has removed the ‘plastic’ wall charger from the box of the newly launched flagship smartphone Nokia X20, to reduce its impact on the environment.

But for smartphones like Nokia X20, the problem is that the buyer has to buy a charger adapter separately. HMD has never focused on fast charging before. As a result, most Nokia phones do not have a fast-charging adapter. While premium smartphones like Nokia 8.3 5G have this feature, many people do not have this phone. So if you do not have the necessary charger with the phone, there will be pressure on the customer’s pocket. Because either the buyer has to buy a new charger, or use an old low power charger.

In fact, following the same pattern as everyone else, Nokia has thought of doing something different. The X20 Android phone will support a three-year upgrade. It will also reduce user interest in switching to new phones. Apart from Nokia X20, The phone will have a 100 per cent compostable case, which will have minimal impact on nature or the environment.