PUBG Mobile Returning to India? The company also uploaded the teaser and deleted it

  PUBG Mobile Returning to India?  The company also uploaded the teaser and deleted it

More than six months have passed since the popular Battle-Royal game PUBG Mobile was banned in the country last September due to data security concerns and relations with China. But whether the game will be available to Indians again or not remains to be confirmed. Reports of the re-launch of this familiar game have already been published several times; Various tipsters have expressed their views on the return of PUBG. Even the main developer of the game has released a new teaser. But despite this, the water is stuck in one place! But at the end of the month, PUBG lovers got good news about this. In fact, a new teaser at the launch of PUBG Mobile has recently been released from the company’s official YouTube channel. However, the video is deleted or privatized within seconds of uploading. In that case, even though this teaser video may not be visible to everyone, the game will be available again after passing all restrictions – this speculation has resumed.

According to reports, the length of that teaser video was only 7 seconds where it was indicated that the game would be launched in a new form soon. But there is no clear date when it will be available again. Interestingly, after a short time, the teaser was removed from the eyes of ordinary users, but some Twitter users were able to upload screenshots.

Looking at those screenshots, it looks like the company has re-uploaded the teaser released last November (where three popular live game streamers were seen). Therefore it is not possible to say how reliable it is now. The company may have accidentally uploaded this video. Furthermore, it was not heard that the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India has given the necessary approval to PUBG mobile games.

Meanwhile, PUBG’s original creator, Crafton, has taken several steps to expand its business in the country. It is currently hiring in India and has announced plans to invest up to 100 million to develop the local video game, e-sports, entertainment, and information technology industries. It also plans to optimize in-game content. But there is still uncertainty about whether the popular mobile game will return in the coming days or when it will return! So it would probably be better not to express excitement after listening to the teaser.