Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Will Not Have 3D ToF Sensor? Know What is 3D ToF Sensor

  Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Will Not Have 3D ToF Sensor?  Know what is work

Three months ago, Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series was launched. Meanwhile, various opinions are coming out about Samsung’s upcoming flagship series Galaxy S22. Such a report on the camera system came to light at this time. The South Korean news agency claims that the 3D TOF (time-of-flight) sensor will not be seen in the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, which is launched next year. Note that we saw Samsung use this sensor for the last time in the Galaxy S20 series. The Galaxy S21 series was launched in January this year without this 3D TOF sensor.

Depending on what things are working in the camera system and not working in the company’s favor, Samsung may make a quick decision to change the camera. For those not familiar with TOF image sensors, the main function of this sensor is to provide depth-mapping capability by measuring how long it emits infrared rays and hits an object, and returns the sensor.

The TOF camera sensor on smartphones is commonly used in 3D photography, AR (Augmented Reality) and especially in portrait mode. Note that AR is one of the reasons that Apple has added the TOF camera sensor to the iPhone. Again, this was once the default feature in the case of Samsung’s flagship phone. However, the Galaxy S20’s autofocus performance was not satisfactory, leading to criticism that Samsung used the Laser AF (AutoFocus) system in place of the TOF sensor in the Galaxy Note 20 series. While the Galaxy S21 series does not have a TOF sensor, no one cares about its absence.

Samsung’s decision to drop the ToF sensor in the Galaxy S22 series is likely to hit Samsung’s LSI business. This is because it is one of the leading manufacturers of 3D ToF sensors for smartphones. There is not much information available about the Galaxy S22 series. So we urge readers to take the news lightly.