Who is the character of the new serial Sri Krishna Bhakta Meera, Meerabai?

Who is the character of the new serial Sri Krishna Bhakta Meera, Meerabai?
“Shree Krishna Bhakto Meera” star Jalsha is coming. The new series, based on the story of the life of Meerabai, a devotee of Lord Krishna, is set to debut on Star Jalsa, the channel has decided to name it “Sri Krishna Bhakto Meera”. The teaser of the series has already been released. This new performance of Star Jalsa already created quite a stir among the audience.

In the world of Hindi or Bengali serials, mythological serials have been widely appreciated by the audience. Whether it be Mahabharata ‘, Is Ramayana’ or Krishna Radha Krishna ‘, ter devotee Lord Shri Krishna’, Sri Om Namah Shivaya ‘, the audience has liked the series based on mythology.

Meera has been a devotee of Lord Krishna since childhood. Chhota Meera was married to Ratan Singh, son of Rajput Rana Sangram Singh, in the name of marrying Lord Krishna as a boy. Unimaginable torture on Meera’s forehead after marriage. He was left in a dark room. But nothing can take Meera away from the path of Krishna devotion.

Finally, Meera’s husband also accepts his devotion to Krishna. Meera then wrote Krishna hymns one after another in Hindi, which are still widely practiced today. When his work in Morte was completed, he met Krishna. The mythological and historical story of Meerabai on the screen of Star Jalsa.

The series “Radha Krishna” about the immortal love story of Krishna and Radha is being aired on the relevant star Jalsa. The series has naturally captured the minds of the audience. This time, the channel officials are hopeful that the new performance of Star Jalsa, based on the story of Krishna and Meera i.e. God and Devotees, will also get a huge response among the viewers.

Surely the minds of serial lovers want to know who is the main character of “Sri Krishna Bhakta Meera”? The only person who will play the role of Meera is Devadrita Basu, the popular actress of Zee Bangla. He was seen playing the lead role in Zee Bangla’s popular serial “Joy”, “Alo Chaya”. Almost everyone knows what a skilled actress she is.

There will be Prabhabhi opposite Devadrita, who has been seen playing the role of “Shubh” in another star Jalsa serial “Bhagyalakshi”. The teaser of the series which has been released on screen shows Meerabai singing for her adorable god Krishna.

He has Veena in one hand and Manjira in the other. The roles of “Joy” and “Alo” captivated the audience. Only time will tell how much his performance in the role of Meerabai can affect the audience.