Check If a Mobile Number is Busy Without Calling

How To Check If a Mobile Number is Busy Without Calling
Check If a Person is Busy on Call Without Calling Him

How To Check If a Mobile Number is Busy Without Calling: In this article, we have provided the easiest way to check a mobile number is busy or not without calling the mobile number.

You can use Truecaller App to know if the person is busy on-call or not. Truecaller is the most downloaded caller id app. Over 200 million times the app is downloaded from the google play store. Using Truecaller you will be able to see the person’s name who calls you also you can know the person is busy on another phone call or available.

Recently Truecaller launched new features in their app. With help of this feature Now, Truecaller is able to show if a person is busy on a call or not.

**This feature will only work if the True caller app is installed on both phones.

How To Check If a Mobile Number is Busy Without Calling

At first, you need to download and install the latest version of the truecaller app.

Now enter your mobile number to log in. There are two methods available to verify your mobile number. Choose SMS or Call to verify your number. If you choose the SMS method to verify then you will receive an OTP via SMS. Enter the One time password from the SMS you receive on your phone.

In another way, you can also verify your number by Call. If you choose the Call Verification method you don’t need to enter any password. Truecaller will auto verify by giving a miss call to your mobile number.


Enter The Mobile No To Check If The Mobile Number is Busy

(Example – Add +91 With Your Mobile No and Click Submit)


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Follow The Below Steps

  1. After successful login to your true caller account, you will see your recent call list.
  2. If a person is busy you will see a red phone icon on the top of the contact name or phone number. The red icon indicates that the person is currently talking to someone.
  3. Now Tap on the phone number or contact name.
  4. If the person is busy on a call you will see the “On a Call” banner just like the below image.
Truecaller check if the phone number is busy or not (2)
Truecaller check if the phone number is busy or not (2)

When the person is available to receive calls you will see a Green Light On the corner of the contact.


*Hope you have understood how to check someone is busy on another call or not. Below we have provided some tips and tricks you can try with Truecaller.

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Tips and Tricks You Can Try With The Trurecaller App

Using the true caller application you can do many more things. Using Truecaller users can know if any person’s phone is in silent mode or Active. Below we have shared some working tips and tricks.

Check If Phone Is Silent Mode or Active

From the true caller’s recent call list. You will see a silent mode icon if someone has put his phone in silent mode. If the person is available it will show a green icon. See the below picture.

check someone phone active or in silent mode
check someone phone is active or in silent mode

Know If Someone Is Trying To Call You

If the true caller application is installed on both phones and if someone tries to call you will get an incoming call notification before your phone start ringing.


Know The Caller Real Name

True caller is the best caller-identification software, Developed by True Software Scandinavia AB. Using the application you can easily know the person’s name who calls you. If you have a missed call from an unknown number then the true caller will show the caller’s real name.


Call Blocking

Using the application you can also block unwanted calls and SMS. Truecaller’s Caller ID will identify and block robocalls, fraudsters, telemarketers, and other unwanted phone numbers.


Truecaller is Safe Or Not

Truecaller does not upload your phonebook to make it public or searchable. It is trusted by 270 million users globally.